Kady Jesko
Designer + Interactive Art Director

Kady is a Detroit based graphic & interactive designer and creator who constructs one of a kind designs in terms of functionality and visually proper aesthetics. After receiving a BFA degree in 2011, she had taken up multiple creative careers and freelance ventures all over the country. Having produced, supervised, and executed design work for various companies such as Target, Pepsico, and Dear World, she has an extensive background knowledge for aspects of design such as typography, grid systems, illustration, concepts, and iconography. She currently is drinking endless amounts of tea as Interactive Art Director at the Google-partnered digital marketing agency, Traffic, in Royal Oak, Michigan. In her free time she enjoys extensive traveling and can always appreciate a good design blog.

If you are interested in work inquiries, have any questions, or just wish to say hello, please email:

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Selected Employement:
Traffic Digital Agency
Deltree Studios
Select Design
CML Publications

Selected freelancing companies I've worked with:
Sussner Design Co.
Trent Design
Creative Circle
Column Five Media

Selected Clients:
Ben & Jerry's
Double Cross Vodka
Guess Jeans,
Road Trippers
Dear World

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Type Fight
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